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March 24, 2014

Fun with Groupon

My car is pretty nasty after this long winter. Wonder if Groupon has any good deals on an interior detailing? Say, this looks like a good deal!

Wow half price eh! Although the full price of $70 seems a little steep for what you get. Let's double check the company website to make sure they're on the level.

Yup there it is, $70, same as the "regular price" they claim on the Groupon deal.

Let's just triple-check on the Internet Archive...

It appears that their price has mysteriously doubled since six months ago! Must be hard times over at Focus Detailing. This was literally the first deal I checked out.

February 12, 2014

Penguin Jazz Core Collection, Sliced, Diced

The Penguin Jazz Core Collection is a great listening list for those looking to tuck into some serious jazz.

I've sliced up the list into a google spreadsheet so you can sort the list by year, artist, label, and so on. Enjoy!

Penguin Core Jazz Collection on Google Drive

Looks like 1956 was a good year. :)